Cosy Knits for Fall

Cosy Knits

A Collection of amazing knits that will keep you warm and cosy for the fall and winter season.


  • Fearless Intarsia
  • Cardigan Jacket with cables, ribs and lace.
  • Lacy Pullover
  • Pullover with Bamboo Stalk design on front and back
  • fine neeless transform yarn and beads into a lovely necklace
  • Knitwear Trends
  • Multiple Increases through an eyelet
  • Pinstripe Jacket
  • Hat, Dickey and gauntlets
  • Basket Weave textured turtleneck
  • Layered look Pullover with peplum ruffle and cowl neckline.
  • Sleek ribbing blossams into a circular yake with¬† a bouquet of fuzzy bobbles and cable twists.
  • Asymmetric Jumper Dress with Shawl and Vest.
  • Stunning Man’s striped vest with a band of Intarsia
  • Mans round yoke pullover
  • Man’s striped dickey and hat
  • Man’s pullover with lots of pockets to hold portable devices.
  • Cropped Cardigan

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