How do I sell my Hand Made Crafts Online

Crochet Afghan Pattern
Just about every crafter in the world has thought about having a website so they can sell their handmade craft items online. Selling crafts online can give the crafter unlimited opportunities to reach a customer base they may otherwise never have been able to reach.
Having a website will help the crafter sell their hand crafted gifts across the country and in other countries around the World. There are people around the world who are looking for unique handmade crafts to purchase as gifts for family and friends.

Most crafters don’t want the hassle or expense of building and promoting a website, so the easiest way for a crafter to start selling online is to open a store in an online Craft Mall. A store in an online mall will give the crafter a professional looking website with just a few click of a mouse.

A lot of crafters feel that when they open a store in an online craft mall that they just have to sit back and wait for the orders to come in, unfortunately that does not work, yes a store in a Crafters Mall will bring you instant traffic but the crafter still has to work at promoting their business.

In the beginning promoting a craft business is hard work, but as your traffic starts to build working a couple of hours a day will keep customers coming to your store and you will start to see the orders coming in. Remember if you don’t promote then don’t expect a lot of sales.

There are many ways to build your craft business and most will not cost you anything except the time you put into promoting. Social Media Sites such as: Pinterest, Facebook, Linkedin, Reddit etc. Article Marketing, Directory Listings, Classified Ads, Sites such as Craig’s List and there are many more. Get your site and handmade craft items noticed and you will be on your way to a successful online business.

A Question you need to ask yourself before you open your online store is, Do I want a hobby or a real business? If you want a real business then you have to work at it you can’t sit back and expect others to do it for you, if you don’t work at your business it will not happen for you.

Treat your online store as you would treat a brick and mortar store. If you opened a brick and mortar store in a mall would you stock it, walk away and forget about it? Your online store needs to be tended you need to add new products on a regular basis, your descriptions must be detailed with lots of crystal clear pictures.

What an online craft mall will do for your craft business is give you a site that looks professional, where you will be up and running and ready to instantly start selling within hours of registration, you will also have traffic from all over the world coming to the online store and checking out the unique handmade products you have to offer.

Your online craft shop will also give you a place where you can start directing customers you already have to view the new products you’re offering. When you meet new prospective customers at your craft shows etc., you can tell them they now can buy from you year round at your online shop.

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